Refresh Your Lavatory in 12 Steps

Hello again my dear reader, hope you’re still longing to read our latest article. Right now we’re giving you a video tutorial also, so please do enjoy your time in our blog.

Down below are the image of the lavatory and faucet before we did the steps.

look how dirty the faucet was

You may not see it clearly, but there are a lot of stain in the lavatory

And this is after we wash it with the multipurpose cleaner.

There are still some dirt left

Much better, but we’re not finish yet

You can see the different between the image above and below, this is how it’s look like after we’re done.

All clean but still wet

The glossiness comes from the wet lavatory

And finally after we dry it. We can assure you that’s there are no photoshop retouching on these photos.

Shines almost like a new one

It still shines although there are not wet anymore 

So believe that it will work when you see this video.


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